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Saudi Arabia, a country rich in history and culture, has recently opened its doors to international tourists. With its diverse landscapes, ancient archaeological sites, and modern cities, it offers a unique blend of old and new. Desert Adventures is actively putting together a fantastic set of experiences that are backed by our reliable service standards across the destination. Below are key highlights from the destination

Riyadh: The Vibrant Capital

Riyadh, the capital city, is a blend of modern architecture and rich cultural heritage. Key attractions include the National Museum, King Abdulaziz Historical Center, and the stunning King Fahd National Library.

Jeddah: Gateway to the Red Sea

Jeddah, known for its mesmerizing coastline, is a must-visit. The city’s historic district, Al-Balad, with its traditional coral houses, and the Jeddah Corniche, with the iconic King Fahd Fountain, are not to be missed.

AlUla: The Open-Air Museum

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Taif: City of Roses

Taif, known as the ‘City of Roses’, is famous for its fragrant rose gardens and cool climate. The Shubra Palace and Taif Rose Festival are highlights of this city.

Al Khobar: The Eastern Province

Al Khobar, in the Eastern Province, is known for its thriving dining scene and beautiful corniche. The Half Moon Bay and the Coral Island are perfect for family outings.

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